Willing to be a hair model?

Models needed for Anasa

Help us maintain excellence in our salons and we’ll give you a great style.
At Anasa Hair Studio, we’ve built a reputation for educational excellence. We consistently update our designers with the latest trends and techniques.

Our designers begin work on models during the last stage of their training program and work under the supervision of an educator. Your stylist will have a minimum nine to twelve months experience working on clients and may have several years of experience in other salons.

Models used for training purposes must be somewhat flexible. Whereas a normal haircut may take 45-60 minutes to complete, it may take 60-90 minutes during training. Models seeking cuts must be willing to get the cut we are currently training on (bob, long layers, pixie, etc.). Models seeking color must be somewhat flexible with the color palette and/or foiling pattern.

If you would like to be a hair model, you will need to tell us in advance what type of haircut you would like. These are some of your choices: short women’s, short men’s, long layers, one-length bob, graduated bob, & one-length trim. You can also email us a picture of your desired look.

Model haircuts are free.
Model color costs $20.00 for basic color or highlights.
If you require a color correction, the cost will be more, because our product costs are more.
Supplies for an extensive color correction may run over $50. Color and treatments are expensive.
Your price will be quoted during the consultation.

Typically, we don’t respond until we are in need, so please don’t be offended if we can’t use you when you make the request.

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