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”Stop fighting Mother Nature! Learn to work with your waves and you’ll learn to love your curly hair. I believe curls are bold, natural, vibrant, classic – they are works of art!” -Ouidad

Hey, you, with the misunderstood ringlets. Put down the flatiron. No longer must you wander alone and frizzy through another humid day. Curl expert Ouidad tames your wild tresses with a strong but gentle hand. Curlies have been flocking to stylist Ouidad since 1984, when she opened her first salon in New York City. Responding to what she saw to be a lack of curl awareness, Ouidad quickly became widely known for her innovative cutting techniques and hair care products.

Now, you can drop in at a Ouidad Certified Salon in Temecula, for a trim and the trademarked Carve & Slice technique, which allows space for each ringlet to rest against its neighbor, preserving the natural curl pattern. If your hair is prone to dryness, which most curly hair is, a deep treatment nourishes each strand and enhances volume and shine. Get ready to bounce.

Who is Ouidad?
Ouidad is a stylist, salon owner, mother, author and educator who pioneered the curly hair industry. In 1982 after years of struggling with her own curls, Ouidad opened the first salon in the country to cater only to curly hair. With her trademarked cutting technique and a specialized product line of award winning formulas, Ouidad is dedicated to instilling confidence in curly haired women everywhere.

How is a Ouidad certified haircut different?
Carving and Slicing is an exclusive cutting method only available at a select network of certified salons. Developed by Ouidad, the Carve& Slice method involves strategically cutting at the curvature of the curl pattern, allowing the hair to flow. The result is well defined ringlets that fit gently into each other like puzzle pieces creating healthier, more manageable curls.


What does it mean to be a Ouidad Certified stylist?
To become Ouidad certified, a stylist must attend an intense cutting and styling course from Ouidad’s Curl Education Center in Manhattan. Participants complete hands-on training on passionate curly-haired women for a total understanding of curly hair. They learn to perform a Carve and Slice haircut and style hair using Ouidad’s Rake& Shake method. Training also includes education about curl types, products, techniques and challenges associated with curly hair. Stylists must complete final demonstrations to pass the class and become Ouidad certified.
How are Ouidad products different?
As the first-ever line developed specifically for curly hair, Ouidad products deliver healthy, curly hair for life. The formulations are gentle, moisturizing and water-soluble and work from the inside out to transform hair into its healthiest condition. Feeding hair what it needs-moisture, proteins, amino acids-helps it to look its best and perform over the long term.


  • Ouidad Rake & Shake Style ——————–$50
  • Ouidad Carve & Slice Haircut——————-$80
  • Ouidad Carve & Slice + Rake & Shake——-$100
  • Ouidad Rake & Shake & Deep Treatment—$85
  • Ouidad Deep Treatment————————–$40
  • Ouidad Carve & Slice & Deep Treatment—-$115
  • Ouidad Carve & Slice + Rake & Shake
    + Deep Treatment———————$135